Monday, September 22, 2008

Peace on Earth

I'm a little late posting my cards for Our Daily Bread's last sets got stuck in customs and took almost 2 months to get here! Blah.........anyway.......the day that I got them of course I had to sit down and crank out a few inspired pieces...after all, I've had all this time to come up with ideas! Here are two cards made with the August release, Peace on Earth. I decided to try watercoloring with reinkers on these two, using a waterbrush. Still more to learn...but it was fun...and I'll be doing it again!
The first card uses a partial verse - just because it fit so nicely in the space there in my layout. In the second card, come to think of it, I also used a partial verse...hmm! But the tag on the second card covers up a nasty smudge...I still don't know where that black ink came from....

On the dove I used some shimmery watercolors that don't show well in the picture. The background paper is handmade paper with a silver print - it's so pretty in real life.

On a side note...I seem to have an abundance of blue paper you may be seeing more blue cards these days than usual, as I attempt to use some of them up. God forbid I should ever throw a scrap away!!! LOL

Here is the set in it's entirety - click on the set to view and purchase it at Our Daily Bread designs!Keep an eye out for sneak peeks of the new October sets coming soon.....and pray that mine get to me!! One of them is new from dkdesigns...........

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  1. Hey, what's going on..I can't enlarge it. I want to see it big!! lol!

    Gorgeous, as always, Dina!!

  2. Oooh, I can hardly wait for the ODBD October release if you have a set part of the release. I absolutely love the Cross of Christ set. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration of the Peace set. Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan

  3. Love em both! I need to try reinkers. I think they make brilliant artwork!

  4. Beautiful!!!
    I love your watercoloring on both!! That lion is STUNNING (he kinda has an Aslan quality to him). Even without seeing the shimmer in the "Peace" card--it is beautiful!! I love the contrast of the blue and the white!!

  5. Your colors looks so brilliant on that it!!!
    Smiles, Jami

  6. gorgeous as always Dina!!
    btw...YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!! details on my he he
    ps-have you gotten your stamps yet?

  7. Wow, Your cards are just simply stunning...Both cards are just so very eyecatching and so gorgeouse, what a talent you have! I was just tagged two....