Saturday, September 13, 2008

Get the word out!

Did everyone miss the post where I'm giving away 2 full sheets of awesome stamps, your choice, from Biblical Impressions?! There seriously have to be more than 19 people interested in free rubbah. If you missed it......check out this post here. And if the word "Biblical" makes you worry that your only choices are Bible verses, guess again! There are sooooooooooooooo many more things to choose from! These are a few of my favorite sheets..... (...sorry for the rest of you who will have that song in your heads for the rest of the day...........) You know what to do.......
go to Biblical Impressions (clicking on any of the sheets above will get you there......), then leave a comment on the original blog giveaway post. 2 names will be drawn Monday at midnight!

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  1. OH My Goodness!!! I just found you - and girl I am rushing over to that original post now. Apparently I'v had my head in the sand because I didn't know that "Biblical Impressions" even existed. I make cards in any spare moments I can find and I send cards almost every day. I send them to uplift and encourage and often to folks I've never met (but heard of them through a friend). My friends all call it my card ministry. I've got to do some more reading on their site - is it unmounted rubber? I've never used that sort of thing before but I can probaly figure it out. Looks like I might have some things to add to my Christmas list. *lol* After a quick look at your blog I see I'll be back often. Your work is very nice - great eye candy to inspire the artist in me! Thanks!

  2. This is a comment connected to the comment left by DeniseLynn - Hey Denise - if you've just found Dina, hold onto your hat cause you will be blown away by her talent. She is absolutely amazing and has her finger on the pulse of the creative world (and she didn't even have to pay me to make this comment - we all just love her)