Thursday, July 31, 2008

my small miracle.......

Guess you have to understand that I have a different set of struggles living in the tropics...but I'm thankful to say that after 2 days of hard rain, we had a warm and breezy morning and my clothes are finally dry. Not sure what you're facing where you are.....but that is my miracle for today! :)

I really liked this color combination, so I have left the papers out on my desk to use together until they're all of the few cards I've made in the last couple weeks that wasn't GREEN! this little bear is from the Warming Up set from smARTworks. I had fun paper-piecing him. The arms are popped with mounting foam, and shaped a little to bend around the heart. The saying is from another set, called From the Pond.

Not much else to report helper has her cousin over today to hang out with and help her, so that's nice for her though they've still just accomplished the minimum. I can understand, though, the difficulty of adjusting to a new place and culture, really...when she first came she'd never used a sink before and didn't know how to turn on the water, and this morning we had some practice sessions turning on the stove and opening the bathroom door (it sticks a little and she's afraid to turn it hard). Baby steps....
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  1. Cute csrd! I feel for your helper...but what a good bosslady she has! ;0)

  2. funny what we all take for granted, eh? glad you're settling in and creating again- your own desk!!! <>< sue

  3. I am thrilled that you are getting settled! Your little bear is darling!! Now that you are home, I will send you an email soon for a new watermark!!