Monday, June 09, 2008

yet another reason I don't throw things away.....

lJust wanted to share an ATC I made last week, from a piece I cropped off the path image for this card here (left - all stamps by Our Daily Bread designs). I mentioned when this set was released that I loved the size and versatility of the main image. Thought it might be cool to just feature the tree. I realize I am waaaaay behind and others from the ODBD team are posting new sets already...mine are waiting for me in Florida, and I will have my hands on them tomorrow!

Goodness knows when I will have a chance to sit down and play...we have a lot of business and packing and sorting to take care of before I can stamp without those of you who pray for me, please be praying that I will have a clear head over these next 5 weeks, and a clear sense of priorities...I tend to lose that when I get stressed and overwhelmed...then I either try to do everything at once, or pick the thing that seems most important to me to the dismay of everyone else (like when we were packing to come home to the States, can you believe that I found it of utmost importance to make a chart of the order in which I keep my full set of Prismacolor pencils, so I could be sure to get them back in order when I go back (I had to leave some behind to fit them in one case)?).

OK - off to check a few more things...we spent the last few days in rural Mississippi with our church family, and didn't have internet access.
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  1. Oh my, that is BAD - a chart of your Prismacolor pencils! I really can't believe it. You must go into a mild shock (or something) like I do when I get hurt badly - everyone around me is going crazy & I'm calm as a clam! Well I, for one, will certainly be praying for you to have a clear head & the ability to focus on one IMPORTANT thing at a time!

  2. Clear the clutter so that you can hear or feel the Lord speaking to you. Now if I would just take my own advice. I pray that you keep your focus and don't go crazy.

  3. love your new watermark :)

  4. Lovely artwork! You'll be in my prayers.