Tuesday, February 12, 2008

need your input.

I've been toying with and praying about designing a line of stamps that are collage in style but meaningful/ encouraging/ inspirational in nature. I like the look of collage, but - no offense to other collage designers - a lot of the usual collage designs are not really meaningful to me. If you know what I'm talking about, and you have ideas or input, I would love to hear from you. I have my favorite types of images and will also largely be working with photos, but also would like to incorporate hymns and other design elements. Pictured is an example of the kind of design I'm talking about..............

So specifically.............
--if there were stamps like this available (collage style, but with a Christian or inspirational/encouragement theme:

--would you buy them?

--what themes would you be looking for? or prefer not to see?

--would you buy a stamp like this individually, or prefer to buy it in a set with coordinating stamps (pieces of the whole, additional sayings, etc)


  1. I would buy insprirationsal/encouragement stamps if they were not specific to a particular religion. There are many people out there who inspire me but they are not all Christians. I have found a few I like and I love the collage idea. I would prefer real people quotes as opposed to bible quotes. If the theme is right, I would buy individual or as sets.

    I like the style of the one you have up. I love lighthouses to begin with. What about popular songs such as Bridge over Troubled Water or You light up my life instead of church songs that a lot would not know about. I never heard this one (I was raised catholic) so I have always related to pop songs with a message.

  2. Dini,

    It has been my heart's desire to see a line of Christian collage stamps, in fact, I hoped someday to have my own company to include such. However, I am not an artist nor do I have financial backing, so I had pretty much abandoned the dream. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this post!

    Many collage stamps have occult themes (some subtle enough that even the artist might not recognize them as such), or nudes, or just a general meaninglessness. I really searched the web a couple of years ago looking for Christian collage, with little or no success, and while it's been awhile, I doubt there's much out there.

    I also would not be interested in a mix of sacred and secular, I think there's plenty of that out there. For those who desire specifically Christian, well, as I said, there is very little.

    A collage stamp, imho, stands alone, and so I'm not sure if I'd get whole sets. But, money is always an issue with me, so hopefully I'm in the minority. Good question to ask!

    I love the sample you put up...

  3. Something like this would be perfect for folks who run a card ministry at their church. aka me!! But we tend to just buy them because of having to send out 50 per month, it's too hard to make that many cards. This would make it simpler to do!

    I actually prefer biblical verses to just "nice quotes".~ Chris

  4. I would love to see a line of Christian/inspirational stamps. I love the collage image that you have shown. However, I would like them as individual stamps, not just one stamp. I like the versatility of single stamps. I like the lighthouse with the verse, but I would like to see the Hymnbook and swirly dove as separate images. Best wishes to you!
    aka skdeleeuw on SCS

  5. I would love something more spiritual. I love all the suggestions so far. I can't really say which types I would like the most, as the type changes with the event. Hope that makes sense. As far as singles vs. sets, it would depend upon what was in the set.
    Kathleen (KJF)

  6. I don't have any particular ideas, but wanted to show my support for your idea. I don't mean to be disagreeable to the above poster, Jan, but I respectfully disagree. I specifically DO want scripture references from the Holy Bible, the one that starts with Genesis and ends with Revelation. I DO want it to look like it came from a Christian who subscribes to the precepts of Christianity, not just mushy sayings. I DO want hymns and church music, the older the better. I don't enjoy the repetition of some of the new Vineyard style songs. Good luck, and God bless!

  7. Great idea Dina! Boy are you ever gifted with lots of creativity and great ideas! Love the sample you posted. I personally find creating with collage a real challenge but I like the look.

    I would prefer actual Bible verses as I like to encourage others with God's word.

    Have fun with your new endeavour!

  8. Wow Dini! I love your idea so much! I have been LOOKING so hard for something specifically like this and, to my knowledge, it just isn't out there. I would ONLY buy the stamp(s) if it had a Bible verse on it...I think there are already so many stamps out there with "dreamy" or "spiritual" sounding verses/lyrics on them. I just think this would fill such a niche out there for those of us who are Christians who long to share God's word. I would not be opposed to buying either an individual stamp or a set, but I would most likely buy an individual stamp. Thanks for asking - and I'll be praying for you!

  9. I am a latter day saint and I am looking for stamps more in the way of the Book of mormon but am having trouble finding them as i would love to send some cards to people in my church. many thnaks for a chance to a speak.

  10. Ok, so I'm not the real collagey type, but I am always on the hunt for inspirational and encouraging sets. You know I love your stuff! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

  11. I would love the collage style images..but I would prefer to have the sayings separate..
    I do like inspirational quotes, but I agree with Jan, I would rather like something more on quotes that are well known..I do not have many Christian friends, and they would not be much used.
    I love the idea of the stamps though.

    Good luck and god bless!


  12. I really like the look that you've captured here and I'd be interested in buying it as it is, but I'd love to have the individual elements available as well to use for the background or to highlight other layers, for instance. I love the idea of the incorporation of music into the collage and I really like the nature images. I'm not really interested in images of individual realistic people so much. I like the idea of the Bible verses being incorporated since there are other collage stamps with other sources out there already, but having the elements available separately might garner a larger market. All in all I love your idea. Go for it!

  13. I absolutely love the sample design. I'm not good at using collage-type items, so a tutorial might be helpful (hint, hint), but I really love the Bible verses and hymns. Those are the kinds of things I buy with my stamp money. My favorite "stores" are smARTworks and Biblical Impressions for Bible verses, etc. The hymns particularly are close to my heart as I am involved in music in our church. These kind of images are also what I use in our stamp classes at church. I can hardly wait to see where your inspiration takes you. I will be praying for you. Take care and God bless you. Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan

  14. I would love some that were Christian in nature. Including some scripture within the collage type stamp. I think there is enough simply *inspirational* stamps out there. And many of the scripture are looking a bit dated (not aimed at any particular company--just in general).

    Of course the usual themes would be needed--just because, birthday, sympathy, but Christian takes on some more secular holidays would be wonderful. AND Christian/wedding/anniversary ones would be awesome as well.

    Just a couple of thoughts!
    I love that image that you have above!

  15. Dina,

    ABSOLUTELY! I agree that while I like collage style stamps, I'm often stumped how to use them in a meaningful way because so many of the collage stamps "out there" frequently are a hodge-opodge of things but not any cohesive theme.

    I would love to find collage stamps that speak! Much like you've posted above.

    Jennifer :)

  16. Hey I think that's awesome! Go for it, and why couldn't you offer them either way? Collaged or individual? I agree about the bible verses, the more the merrier! Altho I think stamping as a whole is slowing down and people are shifting to scrappbooking, I believe there will always be a need for quality Christian stamps, because they are so rare :) God Bless, and I'm already lifting your ideas Heavenward :) <>< Sue

  17. Dini, you're idea is wonderful! Christian, inspirational collage stamps would fill a niche where the market is thin right now. You will no doubt get many opinions about what to include. But if you're feeling led to do this, God will guide in what will honor Him the most. His Word will NEVER return void, so you're sure to be blessed if you promote Scripture.

    I love the design you created as a sample. I would definitely buy it whether or not is was together or separate. Both have distinct advantages. You did a lovely job of collaging (is that a word?) the images. I would probably not have done it as well if they were separate images.

    I think you should design what is in your heart, and let God take it from there. If you stay true to His Word, He will open a path to promote your work. Blessings on you. I'll be praying for your endeavor and will watch with great anticipation as your line makes it way to the marketplace.

  18. Dini,

    I think a little clarification would be good: "--would you buy a stamp like this individually, or prefer to buy it in a set with coordinating stamps (pieces of the whole, additional sayings, etc)"

    I assume you mean ADDITIONAL stamps with the collage stamp offered, but others seem to think you mean offering the stamps as separate entities vs. put together as collage. If you mean the former, (a set including collage stamp with related or duplicate, separate images), that actually would be really neat.

    Can you start tomorrow? ;-)

  19. Well, I'm not much into collage, but that's probably because I haven't seen many collage stamps with images that were meaningful. I do LOVE lighthouses, scripture verses, hymns and swirls, and this collage design absolutely ROCKS, Dina! I think I'd be more interested in buying the stamps individually than as a set of multiple collage images. However if it was one central collage image and a few coordinating swirls or non-collage elements to help tie a project together, I'd totally go for the set concept. Best of luck with your adventure! :)

  20. There is no doubt you have the artistic talent to create stamps. I do like collage style stamps but I would rather have individual sets so I can use a specific verse for a specific or individual need. Collage would be limited to offer this type of ministry.

  21. Dina,
    For me, I prefer coordinating sets - it gives more flexibility to the set . It could be used to create a collage or something different.

  22. Oh, why didn't I find you sooner?! :) I loved one of your cards on SCS from ages ago (Miracle of Christmas card), and looked at your gallery. Now, I am finally here, and I LOVE all of your work. I love this idea with the collage and inspirational theme, and I am definitely looking for more Christian stamps to share and spread the Word of our Bible! Unlike some comments above, and no offense ladies, I really would enjoy Bible verses (wonderful Christian scripture) to share and encourage others. Thanks for sharing your terrific idea with us, and I would definitely buy them single or in a set. I will be adding you to my RSS feed so I don't miss a thing! Take care and God Bless! Kelly

  23. Ooooh, I would love to see more christian stamps. I love your design! It would be nice to see it in a set with a couple other verses. I would definitely buy them!