Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Magnolia birthday sweets

Eewwwwwwww, the photo editor made those colors a little brighter than they are IRL...but isn't that little Tilda from Magnolia Stamps sweet? They are so wistful and fun to color. This card ended up with a tiny "happy birthday" stamped up the side, and sent off to Susan, one of my fellow smARTworks DT members.

Not much to report today... finding myself a little frustrated still at our internet situation, but I am being flexible, and making the most of the situation. Today that means I have my laptop sitting next to our house owner's computer, and I'm using both at once, just mine is offline, and I'm transferring files to a memory stick and then uploading to the internet from there. Sigh....so, lots of extra steps...but a necessary 'evil' if watermark and banner orders are going to be previewed and sent.

OK, my hour is up...! Off to start some pizza dough and watch a movie............


  1. Adorable! Susan will love this b-day card!

  2. Fabulous coloring...I'm sure Susan will dig this card..a card with Tilda can charm anyone...

  3. Sweet cards! You do such a great job with any image! Have a blessed day wherever you are!