Wednesday, December 12, 2007

here i am.....

just thought i'd check in...feeling a little e.e.cummings today and also too tired to hit the shift key, so forgive my lack of caps...we are now in florida - all our flights went well, made all our connections, nothing confiscated at customs, and the kids were super trooper travelers. i kept myself awake as much as i could after we left singapore with the strategy of being sooooooooooo tired that i would overcome jetlag by being tired at the right time (or...all the time?) when we got home. not sure if it was really successful or not...except that i succeeded in being very tired. i had a couple of dorky moments on the time i spilled half a can of ginger ale in my lap (couldn't even blame the baby...) - soooooo glad i had a change of clothes in a carry-on....not long after that i had my lunch tray and it had this cute little salad on it with a little packet of ranch dressing - i squeezed the dressing on to the salad and then realized...i had forgotten to take the plastic wrap off the top! duh....

it's weird to be back in the states...we have been gone for 2-1/2 years. i think the thing that has been the weirdest is having a good variety of quality stuff available...we have gotten so used to just buying whatever there is wherever we can find it, and the quality of most things is not great. here, even the 'cheap' brand is pretty decent. sticker shock too, especially in the produce section...we pay about 25 - 45 cents for a pineapple, and here they are $4 a piece...most of our greens and fresh veggies (bought every morning fresh) are about 10 cents a piece to us. another thing that was funny is pretty advanced in the world of wireless service and cell phones/accessories. today we had to search town for a phone service center, then there was only one place that could service our phone. it was a 'supercenter' which consisted of one small room with 2 small counters. in our town we have a 5 story mall dedicated to cell phones and accessories. we laughed about the idea of this being a supercenter here...

had fun with my early christmas, going through my pile of doesn't look like so much out of all the envelopes and boxes (heh heh). :) there is one box of unmounted stamps (mostly from the angel company) that i need to sort through - it was such a good deal on ebay that i had to get it (about 200 stamps for $25)...but there are some duplicates to some i already had, and some that aren't my style, so i need to pick out the ones i like and then see if my sister-in-law wants any, then will give the rest to an indonesian friend who's coming down to visit in a few weeks.
the set shown here is one of my new stamp sets from firecracker designs by pamela...sounds just like what i need to hear right now. and i wish that was me on that rock! check out the site - they have some really neat sets and stamps (i also got the set called 'solid'...can you tell i like images of backviews of people?)

we found out that our phones from overseas have international service so i'm going to keep my number so friends over there can still text us. hardest thing so far (besides spending money) has been missing our good friends.

thanks so much for all your prayers, emails, words of encouragement. appreciate them and feel them so much...!


  1. So glad you've arrived safely. Will continue to pray for your family!

  2. Glad to hear your trip went well!

  3. Hi Dina,
    Glad to read that you and your family made it safely across the ocean. I got a chuckle of your cell phone experience. We think USA is so advanced is on the leading edge of technology. :-) Enjoy all the moments of Life!
    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  4. --been praying for you. Glad you arrived safely!

  5. First, welcome back. You sound so tired and overwhelmed. I can't imagine how difficult this transition is. But, you have lots of stamper friends and fans!!! Best wishes.

  6. So glad you're finally there! Man... too tired to hit the shift key... that's REALLY tired!!! : ) Let that little one cling, I know he's really overwhelmed. But they do get over it quickly sometimes - I'll pray he does. Enjoy your time with family, it passes all too quickly. Have a blessed visit.

  7. Glad you're on land again. I've been praying for you and your family each night during my quiet time with the Lord. Remember His grace is sufficient!!

  8. Welcome to Florida! Glad to hear that you had a safe trip back and all is fine with the family. Big hugs