Monday, November 12, 2007


It's "cultural" here to have a party when you build a new house - invite everyone, feed them and have a short service, prayer of dedication, word of thanks, etc. We've been in our house for almost 2 months and we've decided we're going to have our event on Saturday. I just sat down with the other staff ladies and asked for advice and suggestions - menu, overall plan, etc. I'm sick to my stomach now! There is a lot to be done. I'm sooooooooo thankful that we work with a team, because there's noooooooo way that I could handle this on my own. Even with a team it will be a stretch...after all is said and done and our house is filled with people, you will probably find me hiding in a was interesting, though, talking about the menu, what is customary, and what will be expected additionally because we are Americans, etc. We meet again tomorrow and we'll divide up responsibilities - everyone is willing to help cook, set up, and clean long as we will pay for it!

On to the card.....! I have several stamps from StarvingArtistamps that haven't seen ink yet...most of them are from this page of their catalog. When I saw that open egg with the bird footprint next to it, this was the first idea that came to my mind. Not sure why.....such a pitiful picture! (Reminds me of that final scene in Finding Nemo when the fish make their great escape from the dentists' office and are floating in the bay in their plastic bags, and Bloat finally says, " what.....?"

This card isn't especially groundbreaking or complex, but it has some elements that I really like. The little scene is watercolored. I cut out the circles with my Coluzzle, and put the focal image inside. I like the faux zigzag stitch too - looking forward to getting a zigzag stitch stamp from smARTworks in my next batch...The saying is from Art Impressions (and speaking of them...I have a $20 gift certificate to spend there from my 3rd place contest win last month! I just cannot make up my mind though......).

That's my life today - thanks for checking in on me!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a dilemma - but what a blessing that so many are willing to help! Love the card - I can sympathize at times. Oh well, just keep saying (over & over), "this too shall pass!" LOL

  2. Very cute card...I love the sentiment :) I could use that one....OFTEN :)

  3. That card is priceless!! :)

  4. Hi Dina!
    I love this design - with the image on the INSIDE. How cute!!

    I got my first smART works order yesterday with your word set. The possible work combination sheet will be very helpful. I'm thinking of cards I can create... :^)
    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

    Safe travels to you when you come to the USA.