Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas cards

Just a quick preview of what I'm going to be mass-producing over the next few weeks! I hadn't even thought about Christmas cards with so many other things going on. My husband suggested it this morning, and I thought about that meaning having to sit down and just stamp and stamp when we get back to the States...and he said, "No, do them before we go home!" Uh...

Something you should know about me is that if I have a billion things to do and one of them is stamping related - that is inevitably what will get done first. Packing to move - stamping stuff got packed first. Party for 100 to prepare for on Saturday, trip for a family of 6 to America in 3 I am making Christmas cards. Makes total sense, doesn't it? Pleeeeease tell me I'm not the only one that does this...?

Anyway...this is a simple layout but it has several things going for it, mainly that it gives me the opportunity to use up a lot of my big scraps and random ribbon before we come home. If I were really hard core I'd wrap a teeny piece of ribbon around that little section on the right. I do actually have 25 card bases cut and layered - waiting to trim out the little tabs left by the Coluzzle template and search for matching ribbon. The stamp is from Stampin' Up - I think they retired this set (Miracle of Christmas), and I also think I need a greater variety of Christmas image stamps, because this one seems to turn up every year.

We went shopping for the big party today - we got about 1/2 the stuff, and the rest will be bought at the market Saturday morning so it's fresh. These ladies here have this down to a science - I was really amazed the other day when we met that they could figure for x amount of people they'd need so many kilos or whatever of each ingredient. Here the "party food" is always the same, so I guess that's why they're able to have it memorized. Our menu - roast pig, (and if you have a roast pig you have to offer some other kind of meat, so) fish and fried chicken, rice (of course, and 15 kilos of it...), red beans, mixed veggies, greens, "chips", deviled eggs, a fresh fruit cocktail, and marble brownies (3rd pan is in the oven now, and I need to go check it again!).


  1. That is a beautiful card. I love how it speaks of humbleness in a cattle stall. I don't own the set, but I have a friend who does, and I may be borrowing it for next year's cards. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope your house party goes well. God bless you, Elizabeth S.

  2. Lovely, lovely Christmas card!! "He left his throne for Calvary, He came to earth for me..." Praise the Lord! What set is this?? I don't remember it, but I love it!!

  3. Beautiful card! I need to check my Christmas card situation and get busy myself.

    That sounds like one fabulous party you've got planned for Saturday. I wish I lived a teeny bit closer so that I could come! ;)

  4. This is a sweet, sweet card. It gives a peaceful, warm vibe.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

  5. Very pretty. Have you checked your
    Yahoo lately? I have been trying to get hold of you.

    Jan-a blog candy watermark winner

  6. I really like this - love the non-traditional colors, too.

    And btw, no you're not the only one who stamps before doing any and all other tasks. Which probably is why our house looks like it does :)

  7. What a pretty card!! I love the use of the punches and the coloring is just perfect! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Simply beautiful! The colors are great and that image is so precious! Great coloring and love the oval cut-out... TFS!
    Glad the party went well!