Tuesday, September 04, 2007

woo hoo!

I love contests....!

Remember the leaf-->bird card from a couple days ago? It turned out to be a winner on Shannan's blog contest. She had this to say about it, sweet thing: "All I can say about this one is WOW. I was totally speechless when Dina emailed this to me. I mean, seriously. Shut up. Amazing."

Also - I got this compliment from the owner of Impression Obsession..."Wow Dina! I really love that. Can I post it in our gallery if I credit you? I was just on your blog and I REALLY could kick myself for not putting you on IO's DT. Your work is really stunning!!!!!"

So...wow, I'm humbled...how fun though. :) (We told one of our friends that I won a card contest on the internet and he was pretty much in awe - "Wow, like anyone in the world could enter that...!" Didn't mention that on the grand scale of 'worldwide' card contests, this was pretty low-key...)

BTW, I met Shannan on SCS, after seeing on one of her posts that she is from Midlothian TX - anyone ever heard of it? Just happens that my brother's wife's family lives there. Shannan didn't know them, but we ended up staying connected. Fun small world we live in, no?

One more business-y thing - I put new buttons over on the right directing you to Biblical Impressions and Eureka Stamps, which are both offering free shipping this month (a savings of $2 on your order). Those are both affiliate links, and if you go to their pages through those links rather than directly to their main homepages, your order will be credited to me and I'll get a little extra stamping money in my account. So - that's that! (and thank you!)

OK, 2 more things to mention - Heidi's giving away some smARTworks stamp sets to celebrate her birthday...skip on over to Sweet Somethings to check out that action...send her some birthday love too!!

And...I have almost 100 subscribers via Feedblitz - who'd-a ever thunk?


  1. Wow, how cool! And I'm so glad I "met" you!! ;)

  2. I knew that card was a winner!! CONGRATULATIONS!!