Friday, September 07, 2007


This post is a sad commentary on how my day went today.

Snail cards.

2 of them.

How many of you out there actually even have snail stamps?

Not that my day had anything to do with snails, but for most of the day I felt about eye level with them. Please tell me I'm not the only one who completely, occasionally, totally loses all perspective on life.

I've heard it said that some days the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap. That would have been good. I also know it's true that a good cry and good night's sleep work wonders. Let's hope so! :) You've seen the stamp, right - what if there is no such thing as PMS and this is my real personality?!

OK. This is not my venting blog. So here are the card details. All stamps are from smARTworks. (The snail set comes with 2 snails of different sizes, and a mushroom). The first card uses a separate verse, the grass from the Grass Hoppers set, and a very tiny butterfly from the stamp called Gathering Flowers. I added the polkadots with a pencil eraser...kind of wished I hadn't done it after it was too late...the ink is the same that I used for the sky, but on the yellow-green it ended up looking green instead. Oh well. I tried sanding it down a little - sorta works. That verse is totally what I needed - be still, Dina, and just consider God. Wow, there's a perspective changer. Check out Job, too - man, if I think I had a bad day........

Card #2 was super fun. I started it last night actually and laid awake a while thinking...what kind of saying goes with a snail with a slime trail? Had to have a glittery slime trail, ya know? Happy trails...! Niiiiiiice! Now where is that stamp when I need it? Actually I think Biblical Impressions has one...and I do have some credit stored up...and they do have free shipping this month...

I watercolored the grey shadow, then put in a trail with my Sakura glitter pen. The glitter trail is hard to see - can you see it better in the pull-out?

Thanks for sticking with me, y'all...!


  1. It's too bad life doesn't much allow us a snail's pace because sometimes it's really what we need. God must have realized this when He said, "Stop everything, and look at Me." (paraphase) Even if doing so doesn't change the day, it does change how we view it. Hope tomorrow is better.

  2. These two designs are very good evidence of why you are on design teams. I very much appreciate how you look at things. The happy trails is particularly witty. I pray your spirit is encouraged today. I only found your blog a week ago, but it is now high on my list of "gotta check" first thing in the morning. You use companies that I like - Biblical Impressions (big fan here) and smARTworks - very cool stuff. I'm going to have to check into getting a snail now because I absolutely love these designs. God bless you and your family and ministry. I'm praying for ya . . . Elizabeth in Michigan

  3. They both very sweet cards. I know what you mean about feeling eye level with snails sometimes. I was feeling that way earlier in the week. Just down in the dumps. Stamping brought me out of my gloom, so I hope your cute snail cards do the same for you. Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Keep your chin up (as my mom would say)...your perspective on life is always humbling...

    I am in total awe of your work (as always.) Your happy trails card is PERFECTION!

  5. Hopefully your bad day was just that..."one" bad day. Please know that your artwork always brings a "wow" to my day!!

  6. I love these cards...but I so appreciate your transparency and sharing your thoughts. God is so good...even on days like this one. Your final thoughts about being still is a good one...we don't do enough of that! Continued blessings, Cheryl ;-)

  7. Geez, Dina, if you can make a snail stamp look good on a bad day, seems to me the sky's the limit!

  8. Hello Dina,

    I do not understand everything which you in your Blog tell, my English am somewhat in-rusted. But I can see your cards and these please me always expressed well! Particularly the snail did it to me.

    Greetings Nicole

  9. I bought these snail stamps because of you! I also got the frog set on the same page too!