Tuesday, July 03, 2007


When I cleaned my desk the other day, I discovered this little sweet scene that had been watercolored who-knows-when and promptly buried in the clutter...soooooo - to my delight, today I had a card that was already half done. Niiiiiiice!

I wanted to have something to share, since I worked a few minutes here and there throughout the day on a project I'm not allowed to post yet...it's a bit past my bedtime so I was going to just center the scene on some patterned paper and call it a day, but I thought I'd change up the background a little, and use up some scraps. I can never do anything the easy way...! (Here is a link to a tutorial I posted last year on making a scrap strip background.)

Stamp is from smARTworks (anybody see this little announcement made yesterday?! woo hoo!!), watercolored with Derwent pencils. The right end of the panel features some faux stitching.

I took a picture in town today to share with you, but it's still on my phone...they had 2 varieties of Lays brand potato chips at the grocery store...Teriyaki Salmon...........and Seaweed. Yep, only in our country... *blech* (also the land where they sell Cheetos...but you can never find cheese flavored ones...only roasted corn, barbecue potato, and baked chicken flavor...!)


  1. I actually just saw that little announcement, and was heading over to say congrats. Perfect fit for you!!!

    And ptoooey to salmon chips ;)

  2. Congrats on the Design Team Dini!!! Best of luck to you!

    BTW - those chips sound gross!!! I don't think I'd survive over there with that kind of selection!!!


  3. SmARTworks made an excellent choice! Your posting their stamps cost me some $50!!!! lol

    Your choice of chips sound just yummy...

  4. Another congratulations from me. And - great job of coloring on this card - looks so soft & pretty! Good grief! Can't get cheese-flavored Cheetos! I'd just slowly fade away - can't do without them. As for those other "exotic flavors" *blech* is right!!!

  5. Congratulations, you certainly deserve it!! You are so inspirational and a wonderful card artist.

  6. Congratulations. I loved the Imagine card. Beautiful. Truly talented.