Saturday, June 30, 2007


Congratulations to Pat Swift!

Pat sent me an email with this picture attached - Yeah! Pat will be receiving a $20 gift certificate from Biblical Impressions. Thanks to all who came to visit and those who sat desperately refreshing the page, just hoping....! LOL

I cleaned my desk yesterday - seriously cleaned. Reorganized, dug to the back under the shelves where all the little bits get pushed, put all the paper scraps away that were shoved here and there in cracks or in 'I'll put that away later' places, straightened out my paper organizer (have I told you that my paper lives in a shoe organizer?). Of course yesterday the desk was promptly covered again in a stamp re-organizing project - I wanted to put some of them in the paper photo albums we get free here at the Fuji place, and of course I had to cover them to reorganize my UM stamps and possibly weed through some too - I keep saying I want to do that, and my husband tells me not to - since I never know when I will need a "___" stamp, even though I haven't used it since I bought it 4 years ago or whatever.

OK! Off to go order that gift certificate! Yeah Pat!

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