Thursday, June 28, 2007

ol' whatsizname........

In case you missed it - Susan over at smARTworks threw a little blog contest on my behalf - the benefit for me is a name for my giraffe, and the benefit for the winner is this High Hopes set free! (You can see it in the smARTworks online catalog on page 61). Today she sent me the list of names and I have to choose one name.

Wow, you guys are creative! This is what I have to choose from:

Eliot - Stretch - Gerome - Jasper - Heidi (High-Dee) - Jo - Twiga (Swahili for giraffe) - Gaylord - Tanzia - Victoria - Cutie - Gamada (African for glad, pleased) - Grace - Granger - Kenya - Willow - Henrietta - Howie - Ike - Lily - Ginny - Gentle George - Mr. Stilts - Donovan - Girrafael - Freida - Graceful - Beauregard (Bo or Bogie for short) - Gerard - Gerald - Gino - Polka Dots - Jackie (works boy or girl) - Nellie Long Neck - Gillian - Gentle Geena - Lilia

Guess you know what I'll be thinking about today! And now to decide - is it a boy? is it a girl? does it have to stay one or the other, and if not, does it need a "Pat" kind of name? AAAAAAAAAAA, the pressure!

Stay tuned! Susan will announce the winner on Saturday!


  1. How funny - never thought about it being a boy or a girl! Don't stress out too much - those are a lot of cute names to choose from.

  2. It is by far a girl....look at that eyelashes ;) I would go with either Freida or Willow...and I have no idea why! LOL

  3. Darn it!! I Wanted to get my name in....Giselle the looks like a female giraffe to me!! LOL

  4. heeheehee! :-) I know the winning name. ;0} Whoever the winner is, hope you enjoy that stamp set! I'm wishing I'd entered.

  5. This giraffe is definitely a male. When males graze, they stretch their necks and eat the leafs at the top of trees. Females bend over when they eat, and graze on the leafs on the short trees or bushes. Funny but factual.

  6. Wow you are close. I will keep an eye open.