Tuesday, May 08, 2007

going postal........

Ha! I love that term! Just glad it means that some cards are going in the mail, rather than someone at the post office taking things a lit-tle too far....So...anyway, my point is....my parents are leaving today, (sniff, sigh) and they're taking home a small batch of cards to send to My Heart Stamps for You! Here's a teaser, and if you'd like to see more........click here!
**ETA - if the "click here" link isn't working for you, try going directly to http://photos.yahoo.com/oryswife and click on the album labeled MHS4U 4.


  1. Dini - You really are teasing....that "click here" takes you to a blank page.

  2. Hugs to you!!! I know it's terrible to have family leave! :( Hope they're be able to come again in the near future!!