Wednesday, May 09, 2007

bright spots

Just scrolled down my blog page...too many words, not enough cards. Yep, that would pretty much sum up my life right now...I'm planning 5 days worth of crafts for about 80 kids and a crafternoon for 40 ladies, and I'm to the "write down instructions" phase of things. Not the "funnest" part! But progress, for sure.

Here's one card I managed to squeak in for therapy one evening...all stamps are by smARTworks, and I love them! It seems like I rarely make the same card design twice, but this one will return. I love it! Nothing really tricky to it, and it turned out just like I pictured it, which is pretty amazing, no?

I stamped the ladybugs directly on the card after I'd put it together. I colored in the bodies, stamped the bugs again on red cardstock, cut them out and split the wings, added a smudged white highlight with a gel pen, and popped the wings on the bodies. How come I never did that before? So cute.

Oh, just FYI, this ladybug, trail, and saying come in a set with another slightly smaller ladybug. And what a cheery saying - it could be for a special occasion or 'just because'. Love it!


  1. This card is super cute Dina!

  2. Sooo cute! I love ladybugs!

  3. This is darling! Love the way that you varied the wings being open!