Monday, April 23, 2007

tagged again.......

Thanks Jacki and Monica! And also a shout out (a quack out?) to Angie - hey girl! - we were both going to tag each other but saw others already had! (Oh hey, she has blog candy, too...)

Sooooo...should I just bask in the warm fuzzies? Or share 5 more faves?


  1. I can't find a place to email you, so I guess I will do this here...hope you don't mind. You can erase it or not post it if you want...I would LOVE to add your blog to my blog roll. I found you through Monica over at Talk to the Ham and I think you have a great site. Can I share you with my readers?

  2. don't worry about it on my account. Everywhere I look, most people have been tagged several times.