Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oooh, I love the bunnies...

I've hesitated posting this card because it was one of those cards - you know what I mean - that seem like a rescue effort rather than a creative process....but so you have something to read today...here are the Happy Hoppers! Jovita sent me a ton of images to play with, and this was the first one I used. Aren't they soooooo cute? I must have them...sigh...

Their little sky background is chalked with a cotton ball - I've discovered that chalk is very forgiving, and you can be a little messy to start and then clean up with a white eraser. Niiiiiice. Prismacolors and mineral spirits to color the bunnies, and then you probably can't see it (maybe up close?) but the wings are filled in with a Sakura glaze pen, and the wings outlined with the stardust glitter pen. I trimmed around the front-ish ears and put a little piece of mounting tape behind so they'd pop out a little. The grass is a Biblical Impressions stamp. Black glitter pen on their little antenna balls. Faux stitching. Black brads to mimic the antennas on the bunny bees. :)

TAC (the Angel Company) made that daisy stamp - I had it laying up on the shelf from another project it never got used on, so it worked in here. God forbid we should throw anything usable away...the B stamp is from EKSuccess (I think), and the Happy is half a Happy Birthday stamp from Stampabilities. The B is really cool IRL - I put diamond glaze over it so it's raised like a button. I'm not really happy with the sentiment part of it all...I had wanted it to say "BEE" of course...appropriate...but I tried it with the 1/4" snap stamps and didn't like it, and after the flower it didn't fit anywhere, so...oh well. The diagonal paper strip (oscraps.com) is a little distracting to me too. The whole card feels out of balance. Ugh! Oh well...

I'm a little stressed out this morning, because my house girl never came home yesterday...we allowed her to go with her relatives to a lunch, which we should never done as she's not been very responsible lately to return when she says she will...she said she thought she'd be able to be back by 4:00 yesterday afternoon and this morning still no sign of her. I don't want to fire her, as her relatives are our co-workers and it would be very embarrassing to them, I really do like her, she's a good worker and easy to live with, and I don't know the situation, blah blah blah.....but I'm really worried and really not too happy about it all. My parents are here and that's becoming a little tensious (did I make that word up too?) too...not to mention the 9 other projects I am trying to work on that are all crammed in my head at once. Yep, sounds like I need some stamping therapy... (Please, can I lock the door?)


  1. Hey mama, you have been tagged! Check out this post: http://withfeathersandsequins.blogspot.com/. You're supposed to tell 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 people. Like you have nothing better to do, right? LOL :)

  2. That is a precious card! Thank you for all the details! Details help the beginners such as myself learn. i.e. How do you get grass? A stamp of course. Keep up that stamping therapy!

  3. This is super sweet...love the layout you chose!

  4. This is adorable - love the "B" flower center. And you might not be sure about it, but I really like the angled strip of paper (and would you believe that I hadn't even seen this when I sent you that email last night?)

  5. OMGoodness, the ears popped out are wonderful, and of course your coloring is beautiful. I’m glad you have a chance to play with the HH images. Oh and I borrowed your idea about using chalk for backgrounds.

  6. Ohhhhh sooo very sweet! Love the colors! It's just so darling! Hope things are going better for ya now!