Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Part of the process.......

I seriously notice color everywhere. Just another one of my little neuroses....! Three shirts together in the laundry basket, some foam sheets my kids threw on the floor and no one bothered to pick up, magazine advertising, books together on the bookshelf...the other day while I was playing soccer three ladies ran together and there was a combo of orange, yellow and sky blue that I noted and you better know it ended up on a card! Color, color, everywhere! (I can't think of any other inspiration that could possibly come from laundry, can you? Seriously.)

I saw this picture in a magazine I was flipping through and was really drawn by the colors in it. How cheery are the combos there?! I matched them as best as I could in my sketchbook, using Prismacolor Pencils and my Derwent Watercolor pencils. Fun to be able to go back and pick out a color combo from the sketchbook to play with when I'm low on inspiration.

I love this little book - it's full of card sketches, wish lists, coloring samples (like how to realistically color a Nuthatch or a Toucan or a Humpback Whale...), font samples, stamping info, and some other stuff too. Maybe someday I'll share another page!

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  1. What a great source of inspiration! I have a little notebook where I randomly jot down colors and other ideas, and I keep promising myself that I'll make something "nice and pretty" :) Thanks for sharing yours!

    And tag, you're it!! You've been nominated for a "Thinking Blogger" award, in recognition for the inspiration that you continually provide. See the details at: http://trish-d.blogspot.com/2007/04/me-really.html