Monday, November 06, 2006

Magazine inspiration card

It's been a long time since I did an inspiration piece, so I looked through one of my precious magazines for something I could recreate. I found this article called "A Summer Place" (Family Circle, July 2006, page 20), and the table cloth in one of the pictures caught my eye. "I can do that," I thought! I stamped the shells (all stamps by My Heart Stamps for You) in Versamark ink and embossed them white, then painted using reinkers (Memories Soft Leaf and Soft Wheat) I didn't have quite the same colors as in the picture, but close enough, I think! I thought of ironing out the embossing powder (you can do this by putting a sheet of newsprint (shhh - usually I rip a page out of the kids' coloring books) over the image and ironing with a dry iron until the embossing soaks into the newsprint), but then I remembered - I don't have an iron! Oh well. I've done that before many times, doing the faux batik technique. Here's an example...

My hubby tied that cool-o knot - it needed something nautical and flat. The mesh is drywall tape - you can get it at Walmart if you have one nearby (I don't, sigh....).

The coloring on the greeting panel looks a little weird - it's not so blotchy IRL...! I had to mess with the color a little in my picture, and it messed that up. The memories shadow inks blend themselves in, which is really cool.

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