Thursday, April 28, 2022

Individual stamps at IO - going, going, gone! 💔

Just a few more days to take advantage of the 20% site discount and grab your favorite individual red rubber stamps before they cease to be available in that format. Don't miss out!

Our assignment this week is to share some favorite projects using red rubber stamps... I've struggled for weeks with this post, to be transparent. Over 1000 of those stamps are my designs, and each one carries a little piece of my heart (some more than a little piece). It's like choosing a favorite child! I can go through the collection and remember what I was going through with each design. My kids are in this collection, memories of my dad, family illnesses, major moves, friendships, culture shock and changes... needless to say, it's a big chapter to close. And those are just my designs - every artist who has contributed to IO's catalog of 20,000+ images has shared their story. Annnnnnnnd we will continue to do so through clear sets and other new and exciting products we've been working on (I've been working on!) - it's exciting to look forward! Just feeling wistful today.

I've picked a few favorites - I hope you like them too! This collection of images for artists and stampers  was probably my favorite to create...

These lantern images are some of my favorites too.

So many of you have loved my silhouette stamps - you'll be happy to know that they'll be featured in the monthly kits from time to time. I loved the combination of images in this card.

This guy has been my most popular clear set, but he comes in 2 sizes in rubber too.  Remember when we were all obsessed with a baby giraffe that was being born in a zoo? I drew him then.

And finally, a nod to the stamp I use the most! These are gel printed tags I make to tuck in with my Etsy orders (I've been out for a while now - time to fix that!)

And a Thank Youuuuu to you for loving and purchasing my stamps and other products - don't stop! 

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  1. BEAUTIFULLY DONE, Dina! YES, I can see JUST HOW HARD this post would be! I'm EXCITED to see these Monthly Red Rubber Releases! (YES, I DID order the current kit!) ;) I also look forward to seeing what you ladies will have for us, what you've been working on there! I'm SURE it will be GREAT!!! ;)