Monday, June 14, 2021

Sugar Pea Designs - Let's Stay Home

Happy Monday! If you know me at all, you know that I'm a shameless introvert, so the Let's Stay Home set from SugarPea Designs spoke to my very soul. There are sooooo many ways to combine the images into sweet and homey scenes! 

I decided to do some no-line coloring, so I started by building my scene, stamping the images with a pale grey hybrid ink. Since I'd be using colored pencils, I didn't bother to mask the images - the ink is pale enough that the overlapped lines don't show. (If you plan to use a wet medium like watercolors or inks, the lines of this type of ink will show through, so masking or selective inking would be necessary.) 

Here's my scene all stamped - I did reverse the chair image, so here's what that looked like! To reverse the image I needed to stamp it onto another stamp first, so below you can see my setup. I backed the chair stamp with a piece of acetate so I could remove it and put it back into the same position. I inked up the chair and stamped it to the back side of another stamp so it was on a solid base. (I used the book stamp, which you can see on the door of my MISTI below.) After inking and pressing the stamps together, I removed the chair stamp, and put in the foam sheet and my card panel. I pressed the inked back of the book stamp to the panel, and voila! The image was reversed. 

There was a bit of layering involved in the pencil coloring - I didn't document that process but these are the pencils that I used. Following my color wheel again, I used a color triad (3 colors, equidistant on the wheel) of yellow-orange, red-violet, and blue-green. I added in a few horizontal lines with a mechanical pencil (baseboards and molding), and then drew in the ceiling lines using a ruler.

Here are some details from the scene - they're quite a bit larger here than they are on the actual card, so be kind! They were very fun to color, and as you can imagine, my pencils had to be very sharp to get all those details in!

That's all I know today - I'd love to know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What is there to say except how extraordinary this is. Your coloring is incredible. This should be framed.
    Stunning for sure.

  2. Fantastic card. Thank you for the great tips.

  3. It is hard to believe this is only three colors. Once I studied it more I see it but at first glance I would not have realized it.
    Great example of mirror stamping! That I did notice immediately! I love that you used the back of a different stamp instead of one of the dedicated blank stamps they have for it. Makes it more accessible right away to readers.
    hugs Margot

  4. Gorgeous card.... Love your no line coloring. I can see those fir babies living in the lap of luxury!

  5. Once again, your pencil work amazes me!