Saturday, August 08, 2020

Spellbinders August Glimmer Club Kit - with polymer clay!

You may or may not know that I've been learning how to work with polymer clay in my spare time - when this month's August Glimmer Club kit from Spellbinders came, I squealllled because of the craft theme, and then immediately saw it as a texture tool for polymer clay! 

My basement lighting is a little weird, but I did take pictures of my process for those who might be curious! I started by conditioning my clay to a workable softness - this is mostly cadmium yellow Premo clay, mixed with a tiny pinch of brown and granite.

I rolled the clay out and pressed the glimmer plate into it evenly - this plate is a nice repeating border, so it covered the area well. 
I used circle cutters for the larger pieces, then reconditioned and rolled the scraps out and used a plastic texture sheet on that piece for smaller circles. (These cutters are intended for leather, so they're very heavy duty and they work great.)
I used PanPastels to color the raised surfaces of the pieces (I started with this golden color, then changed my mind and layered other colors on 2 sets), then baked them according to the package instructions, drilled holes and dipped them twice in PC-Petrifier, which is the finish I use on my paper beads.
I just stocked up with copper findings for fall so I used those on these earring pairs, each in a different style.
I love how these turned out! Simple, a little out of the box, and every piece unique. I will tuck them into my etsy store in case they want to be yours!

If you're interested in working with polymer clay, there are thousands of tutorials online, as well as several helpful Facebook groups! A few favorites for learners:

Polymer Clay Newbies (Facebook group)

Here are the club details, if you're not a member yet! My favorite perks are the extra sales and the 10% discount on the Spellbinders site (even on sale items!)! You'll begin receiving kits the month that you sign up, and the date you sign up will be your shipment day.

Spellbinders Monthly Club benefits: 
leaf-icon.png Past Club Kits at Member Rates
leaf-icon.png 10% Store Savings
leaf-icon.png Members Only Offers and Deals
leaf-icon.png Earn Creative Rewards for Each Purchase
leaf-icon.png Monthly Inspiration
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