Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Red trucks and kit sales!

My free time lately has been filled with Christmas crafting, and in my browsing I've noticed that red trucks seem to still be making the popularity list for Christmas decor. I thought my favorite Spellbinders truck die might work as an ornament, so I pulled it out and gave it a try. What do you think?

To make it sturdy, I cut the truck body 3 times - two layers of chipboard and a layer of red cardstock. There is an acetate piece sandwiched between the chipboard layers, and the rear view mirror was a perfect place to hide the ends of my twine.

The rest of the pieces to assemble the truck are in the kit, as well as that fun Christmas tree! I used a sentiment and frame from the add-on kit on the tailgate.  To add a little 'shine', I used a white colored pencil for highlights.

Dork story: 
When this club kit first came out I wasn't a club member and I told myself , 'Just wait - they'll make it available in the next month or two for everyone'... and then it SOLD OUT... and I have never been so heartbroken over a die set in my life. I actually pined over it, and finally months later was able to find someone willing to sell their set on Splitcoast. 


of course..... 

it is available for everyon now, and even on SALE, along with lots of other club exclusives! Take a peek to see if there's anything you might be needing - I'm seeing savings in there of up to 55%! There are die kits, stamps, and card kits available.

While you're over there, check out the new fall markdowns (eek, I still need to, too! and it looks like there may be even more kits marked down in there that aren't at the first link...?) ...

AND - sign up for this amazing giveaway!

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  1. I have the same dork story … Dina! 99% of the time Spellbinders make their monthly die available to the public later. However, when they announced that this die was a limited edition and not being replenished, I was beyond heartbroken. Lucky for me, they made the add on sentiment kit along with more of the truck dies … and I think I snatched both up on release day!

    Love your truck ornament (I have a red pick up truck, and your project is perfect inspiration for me.)