Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Splitcoast Tutorial: Stencil Sponging

This week's tutorial over on Splitcoast is simply a review of stenciling basics: Stencil Sponging. We have everyone from beginners to industry professionals in our scope, and it's great to have a resource to point to! Some great tips in the video as well.

I love this gorgeous big bee stencil! This one is by Clearsnap, and it's from a set of 3 stencils in one of their Art Screens Trio series - this is really a great price for a set of 3 high quality stencils, and these ones are so fun! I love BIG images, and these are great for a card front or a wood piece - there are so many ways stencils can go!

I masked off each section of the bee to add in my colors - a lighter color first with a medium sized brush and a darker color with a smaller brush for more detail and shading. I used colored pencils to outline the wing sections, and then the wing outlines, to connect the legs and head together and to the body, and then to shade in the stripes on the bee. (Remember stencils are a tool - you can add in the details on your panel that needed to be removed to hold the stencil together!)  I used a Copic marker to add the shadow of the bee onto the panel. I used a wide range of inks, just choosing from the ones I have in reach on my desk: Distress, Distress Oxides, Versafine, and ColorBox Premium Dye.

The honeycomb stencil is a part of this set as well - I shifted the stencil around to add a couple of layers for depth, then came in from the edge with the ink as well to build up a background. This little sentiment is from a set by Inky Antics, and it was perfect!

Buzz describes my week so far - I am feeling a little overwhelmed and overloaded this week! Good things going on - I just need to remind myself to schedule pauses. Cheers, friends!
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  1. To think you basically did this card with stencils is SOMETHING, Dina! LOVE the depth & layering! AN EXCELLENT JOB & a SUPER CUTE sentiment!!! ;)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, Dina. I have been on a hunt to find Clearsnap stencils, but I can't seem to find them anywhere? The Clearsnap site does not sell their stencils and none of the links I tried carries them.

    1. It can be a little frustrating. Be sure you're searching for 'art screens' - that hides them a bit. Maybe contact Clearsnap directly to find a retailer, or try their locator? Amazon has some but there are also some Clear Scraps products labeled as Clearsnap, so that's confusing too. Try searching ColorBox instead of Clearsnap, too.