Saturday, February 10, 2018

Strawberry Jude Stamps

This week has been so draining, with snow days and sickness in the house - I took a little 'me' time yesterday and sat down with my new sets from Strawberry Jude Stamps. So this is me, except I'm in sweats...

For coloring on this image, I used Polychromos pencils to color the details on the couch, then watercolored the rest using QoR paints... all the folds in her dress were really fun! The set is called Days Like This.

My second card was painted with QoR paints except for the dress - I used liquid watercolor from Peerless for that. Almost forgot to mention the paper - these are my favorite decadent watercolor cards from the Fabriano Medioevalis stationery line.

This set is called Awesome Memes - it's going to be a lot of fun to play with!

I have to share too - I love supporting small businesses, and especially ones that make me feel like it's my birthday when I open up their packaging - isn't this adorable?!

Strawberry Jude is moving, and they're hoping to reduce their inventory for the move - their entire store is 60% off right now, so go help out! (And please continue to support them after they move as well.)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the Strawberry Jude stamps! I found stamps I had been looking for for years! You're the best, Dina!

  2. The website for Strawberry Jude is not working, please let us know when it is back up and running!