Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Splitcoast Product Focus: ColorBox ColoriQue!

This week the MixAbility team had a special invitation to play with a mixed media product to review! ColoriQue is a product made by our friends at ClearSnap - it's an ink and resin based medium that can be used on surfaces like glass, metal, clay, wood, prepared canvas, and leather. 

Most of my projects are small, but I had fun playing and testing out the product on lots of different surfaces! For these pendants, I placed 2 drops of color on a craft sheet, then smooshed a glass tile into the ink to push the colors together and over the surface (back side). When they were dry, I added 2 layers of the ColoriQue Sealant to protect the color, and attached a bail with E6000 glue. 

This sample is a clay shape, impressed with the pattern of an embossing folder, and I'll have a tutorial on that process coming soon! I brushed the ColoriQue down into the grooves of the design, then wiped the excess with a baby wipe to color the other surfaces.

This is a chalkboard tag that I had in my stash, painted with layers of ColoriQue - each layer made the design more intense. This is a sneak peek of one of my Valentine stamps, by the way!

I painted a decorative charm with the product, and was very happy with how that turned out - I love making these diffuser and other charm necklaces, and this will be one more way to personalize them. Yay!

One more possibility is to use the product like an ink or diluted acrylic paint on paper or canvas. I dribbled a few colors on a small canvas, and misted the whole area with water. The colors moved and blended nicely, and dried to a permanent finish - I used some white gesso to paint around a teacup outline that I drew (soooo many of those in my soul!), and then added a few highlights and shadows to complete the look. This still needs something - a sentiment or some steam or stamping - but I wanted to show this aspect of the product's versatility at this stage.

I also made a sample for an upcoming tutorial, layering diluted ColoriQue with drips of rubbing alcohol. My background looked like camo, so it turned into a woodsy scene that you will see next week! 

For more information about ColoriQue, more reviews, and more samples, come visit the Product Focus page HERE!
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