Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My new toy...

Just wanted to share a peek at one of my Christmas presents! I've had my eye on this palette from Robax Engineering for some time... there are several options, but this one is the 85 well version with a 41-well insert.

I have paints from several different companies and I've never had a palette that would accommodate them all, so I've kept them separated by manufacturer. It's nice to have them all in one place! I opted to use the well liners so I could remove or rearrange them if needed. Here's a closer look so you can see how they fit.

According to the company, the palettes were designed long before the insert idea, so the wells are slightly different sizes going in toward the center. The inserts do fit all the wells, but they fit the outside ring the best. I numbered each well so I could make a corresponding color chart, something else I've never had!

 Each well is labeled on the side so I can reorder or replace as needed. I also used a code to indicate the manufacturer on the top of each well. (Q = QoR, SH = ShinHan, H = Holbein, DS = Daniel Smith, DV = Da Vinci, MG = Mission Gold)

The palette comes with inserts for mixing or diluting paint... those fit into the center area. There's also a lid that covers the whole palette.

Best of all, this palette comes with a carousel so it can spin to put needed colors in reach.

I'm happy so far! I loved being able to arrange and rearrange the colors, and of course I spent some time charting pigments and taking inventory. It does have a pretty large footprint, so I look forward to having a dedicated painting space soon that will accommodate it permanently... and to getting it a little messy!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend - tell me what crafty goodies you got!
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  1. Wow...plenty of room and lots of color. Not many crafty people in my family but they did give me a gift card. Now...which end of the wish list do I start on? LOL


  3. I have one and helped to design your insert. I love it. If there is something you would like they are easy to work with.

  4. Dina, your artwork is breathtaking. I love everything you do!
    I'm excited to see you have a Robax palette, mine is being delivered tomorrow! I searched SCS, and not one post about the Robax, so took a chance and ordered one anyway. I posted pics in the "Latest Crafty Indulgence" thread. Like to hear how you like it! I know it's huge, but I have a spot for it. With my DH being total care, I think I'll save time putting my tube paints in one big palette.
    Hugs, Annecards on SCS

    1. Thank you so much! I'm a little funny with the Robax... I loved organizing it, and I love the fact that all my paints are in it, so I can see them all at once. When I paint, though - I tend to work from a smaller palette, and I like mixing colors, so having all the choices out overwhelms me... usually I'll pull out a few of the inserts to work with instead of working from the palette directly. Be sure to come back and let me know what you got and how you like it! Glad you have this hobby for some YOU time - caregivers need care! :)

  5. Update: I'm still, like you did, taking inventory and organizing. I am going to take the wells out for use like you! I make a huge mess in my palettes, problem will be solved thanks to your very helpful suggestion! I combined the 85 and 41 palette PDF images, put the 41 well image in the center of the 85 well palette. I printed it on 140# watercolor paper, after resizing it to 12". I know I'm making this way to complicated, but think I'll cut out the wells with my SNC and use some type of removable medium, so I can rearrange easily. Or, print out the master blank palette on a printable 12" magnetic sheet, and use tiny magnets on the individual wells to place the swatches. 💎I think I'm letting my OCD get the best of me!!!🙃