Monday, August 15, 2016

Zig Clean Color markers - tips and resources

I shared a link last week for these Zig Clean Color brush markers, and I wanted to share some resources for indexing them in case my system might be helpful. :) The price has gone up a little since I purchased my set ($66 for the set of 60), but compared to other sites, the current price is still a good one. A tip: sometimes I add things to my Amazon cart and then click 'save for later' so I can watch the price - chances are it will go down again if you're patient!

The markers have a color index, but it's on the bottom end, and I wanted a reference on the cap as well. Using this border die from Simon Says Stamp I was able to cut more than enough labels out of sticky label paper... I don't see this one in their store now, but this one from IO would work just as well. A hint: layer a piece of cardstock underneath the label paper when you cut - that will help those tiny pieces stay in place when the die is removed. Alternatively, you can use a hand punch to punch each label, but this was an easy one-and-done solution for me.

The labels are easy to color and then peel off the liner with a piercing tool or craft knife to position on the lid.

I spent some time putting together some color charts to keep things organized - you can click on the link below each version for your own blank chart to fill in. I printed mine on 90# hot press watercolor paper, and that worked very well for me... I colored about half way over, then blended about half the colored area out with a wet brush to fill in the rest of the space. These are terrible scans - they're lower resolution and my scanner doesn't read bright colors well, but at least they'll give you a visual of the order and color range.

This first chart is in order by the Zig stock numbers. It's great for inventory and wish lists.

The next chart is in a rainbow order that makes more sense to me, and the colors are grouped in families... I like this version so much better, and it's the one I'll refer to for color combos and light-med-dark groupings.

Again, this is the color set I purchased - there are 80 markers in the complete line, and I purchased the other 20 from Carpe Diem Markers. For reference, those 20 colors are: 049 Green Shadow, 068 Deep Brown, 069 Blush, 075 Brick Beige, 097 Pale Gray, 098 Pale Dawn Gray, 099 Cool Gray 1, 200 Sugared Almond Pink,  202 Peach Pink, 220 Tea Rose, 222 Pink Flamingo, 230 Pale Rose, 260 Deep Red, 302 Haze Blue, 303 Shadow Mauve, 400 Marine Green,  803 English Lavender, 900 Warm Gray 2, 901 Gray Tint,  902 Natural Gray

 Zig Clean Color brush markers
You can find more info on these markers HERE - I do wish the brush tips were larger, but overall these are a lot of fun for watercolor techniques and coloring stamp images. I'll have a tutorial to share next week on palette blending, which will help you stretch your markers and create custom colors and blends too!
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  1. What an exceedingly useful post this is! Carpe Diem's price is indeed very good, and because you thoughtfully included the names of the 20 missing markers from the 60 piece set, it was easy to go ahead and order them. And the free shipping was a nice bonus too. I've printed out the two charts and will happily start filling them in with the markers I've already got. LOVE your work, your site,and your generosity of spirit, Dina . . . thank you!

  2. Great information! Thanks for all your time and effort to share with us.

  3. Well this is only fitting that you shared this! I purchased these markers when you shared them on fb for the same price you did!

  4. With your tutorial please explain the difference between hot press vs. cold press paper. Thank you!! Thanks for the above info also!! Very helpful!

  5. Oh, Dina, thanks for this post about Zig markers. I am so excited about having received in set of 48 from Amazon and ordered the remaining 20 from Carpe Diem. And it was just high enough to make free shipping! So excited and have already downloaded your two charts and was out today and had Staples print each one on the smooth side of watercolor paper. Thank you for creating both charts. I love having both. I was going to do something like this, so I greatly appreciate your doing it for us and sharing it!! As Sue said above, I love your work, your blog, and your generous spirit! And I love you! Looking forward to additional posts and some artwork using the Zig markers! Big hugs, sweet friend! xoxo

  6. A really terrific post.

  7. Thank you Dina for the tip and charts...will be very helpful as I use my Zig markers!
    Paper Hugs,

  8. Once again Dina you come up with amazing things for us crafters to work with our supplies! This is a great help. THANKS SO MUCH!

  9. Just found this and the list of the 20 markers needed to add to my box of 60 to compleat the set of 80 is blooming brilliant as will save me having to work out what I have and what I need .... more time to index my current 60 before the missing 20 arrive!!
    A huge thank-you x

  10. Thanks so much for this info, so very helpful - just what I was looking for!!!!

  11. Discovered this post through Pinterest. Thanks so much for the colour charts. They will be very useful and were exactly what I was looking for! I like that you have one in numerical order and another in rainbow order!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this chart, very generous.