Monday, February 08, 2016

Kept - new art print!

I finished up a painting this weekend that was inspired by a few words of a Bible verse... "you who are kept." I found a few photos online that I fused together to create this little macro scene - I love how it turned out, and it was fun sharing my process as I went along (if you follow me on Facebook you'll know when I'm working on something new!).

I did some experimenting with masking fluid to create some visual depth in the nest - that was a lot of fun. The hard part was that the masking was the first thing I had to do on the painting, and I couldn't remove it until I had completed the background.

Here's what I had after removing the masking fluid - I was so excited to know that it worked! It was fun filling in all the white areas and adding detail and shading to the grass and twigs.

Here's the finished piece, and prints are available for preorder on my order page HERE. I'll plan on placing an order March 1st if there's interest, so please go ahead and reserve your copy if you'd like one by using the shopping cart there. I'll post a reminder when that date gets closer, in case some might want to order the lamb print in time for Easter.

Hope you have a wonderful week!
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