Monday, January 25, 2016

Crafty Birds!

I added a few new pieces to my art collection this weekend - these were so much fun to do! I have a pile of in-progress canvases on my desk that each get a new layer of color every time I have some extra paint from another project... It's a great way to build up backgrounds, and to have a canvas ready to go when I need it.

You know that I love painting scenes that move me... because of that, I have a hard time just painting for fun. That was my purpose in working out these 2 pieces... they are 5"x7" canvas panels that I just painted for the joy of painting, based on some bird sketches I did last week and things that make me smile... stamping and painting!

I have added these to my list of prints that can be ordered from my blog - I will be placing an order for all prints on Monday, Feb. 1 - please go ahead and pre-order before that time so I'm sure to get the ones you want! I added a button to my left sidebar so you can find the page easily... I think I'll be placing orders once a month - we'll try that anyway, and see how it works. :)

I'm participating in the StencilGirl/Inchie Arts blog hop, so I'll be back with a post tomorrow - you can view the first day's posts today HERE.

Have a great week!
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  1. OH!! I love them both - think I like the little one in the cup slightly better cause he is a bit softer and I like the pink :o)
    Fantastic work, Dina!!