Monday, September 14, 2015

Alice in Wonderland swap

I'm in an artists' swap group on Facebook, and my most recent swap theme was Alice in Wonderland. These are the pieces I'm sending to my partner - hope she likes them! I had fun creating them.

This charm necklace is one of the pieces I'm sending out - I made a few extras if you'd like one for yourself! They're in my Etsy store.  My Etsy store is restocked, by the way - take a peek around while you're over there!

The wooden house piece was a fun little collage - there are layers of acrylic paint, some decoupaged layers, a bit of chain, and a handpainted teacup with the little 'eat me' cakes on the saucer...

I added some texture to the piece using heat embossing, and also by painting on a thick layer of gel medium and pressing a texture plate into it while it was wet. You can see that a little better in the angled shot below... the watch was an illustration from one of the kids' history books that was falling apart.

The bookmark was a lot of fun to make - I stamped each letter and drew the image, painting it with Inktense blocks.

Love the quote... it's so relatable!

Here's a closer look at the image... I love these swaps and art for art's sake - they're helping me discover my style, and it's fun to share art with other artists.

Go make something!
Thanks for stopping by!

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