Monday, February 17, 2014

Love endures all things...

I hope you've had a wonderful Valentine's weekend! Here are a few cards using stamps from the most recent Zenspirations release at Impression Obsession.

 It has been an interesting couple of weeks here. I tend to work 1-2 weeks ahead or more on blog and other projects, because life can be so unpredictable here... usually those unpredictabilities are power or internet issues, but not this time. On Feb. 6th, my husband had some early morning chest pain so we spent 5 days in the hospital  - final diagnostics confirmed that he had a coronary arterial spasm. He's adjusting to meds and will need to make some lifestyle changes, so we're facing another new normal, but so grateful that the diagnosis and effects weren't worse.

We were home for one day with our kids... previous to the medical emergency, we had purchased tickets to fly to another island to pick up our new passports at the embassy, so we went ahead with that trip. The night we arrived, there was a volcanic eruption about 80 miles from our location that displaced 200,000 people and closed all the airports on the island! Drama follows us...

 Part of our intention in traveling this weekend was to spend some time away for Valentine's Day - we actually spent a good chunk of our Valentine's Day extending help to a young American guy we met at the embassy. He had come for a 2-week vacation from his English-teaching job in China, and had gotten short-changed at a moneychanger... he had actually slept on the street the night before (the night the volcano erupted, when it was essentially raining mud). His parents were able to wire him money but he didn't have any way to get around or communicate, or a place to stay. We were able to help him get his money, bought him lunch, and helped him rent a room for the rest of his time here. Interesting experience! We're glad we were able to help him out, and hope that somehow that interaction will have an impact on his life.

I have some other rubber and clear stamps from Zenspirations still sitting on my desk uninked... and an entire new release of I.O. dies on the way to me --- I'm looking forward to getting back to my studio, and some creative therapy!
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Touch Twin Markers used above:

(Love Bears All Things)

 (Tile Background)

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  1. First, I'm so happy you were able to make it home safely. And I'm sure your assistance to the young American will not be forgotten.

    Your cards are wonderful Dina. I have been following Valerie Sjodin's blog, Visual Blessings for the past year and a half. It's interesting Dina, I was never, EVER, a person to write a word about my feelings. But once I began to write and recall memories and stories, my heart began to heal. I'm still very careful with how I frame my words, but, this type of journaling really appeals to me, and I long to do more of it (personally). Being able to incorporate stamps with word/art journaling is a nice way to begin this art form.