Monday, January 20, 2014

Leap of Faith

Here's another of my CHA samples - these are some of my new stamp designs, and this card was so fun to put together! There are several layers of watercoloring, using inks, watercolor paints, and acrylic paints.

I feel like I'm still recovering from the weekend! A sweet friend of ours got married Friday, and I took pictures of their preparation time at the house, and then at the reception - so that was a long day of being on my feet, followed by a long weekend of editing photos for them... 

You may have heard about the severe weather in our area that caused flooding in 11 of 13 counties in the region - ours was 1 of the 2 areas that didn't have flooding, but it had been raining here all week, and the area where the church is located was flooded. On the day of the wedding there was sunshine and a warm breeze, and the roads were dry. It sprinkled for just a moment when the reception began here on campus, but the rain held off until 10 pm, when all the guests had gone home. 

It was miraculous. 

Stamps I used:
CAC Ledger
Leap of Faith
Oriental Poppy
Passport Collage
French Ledger
Block Print Border
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  1. Gorgeous design, I love the colour and mediums. Nice photo as well :) Shirleyx

  2. Stunning!! Brilliant layering of the colors Dina!! You are a brilliant artist!!

  3. Dina, your coloring is just jaw-dropping! Love these warm, sunny colors! Glad you weren't flooded in your area, but sounds like a real "inconvenient weather day(s)" as our local weatherman likes to say. :-)

  4. What a feast for the eyes your card is! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful creation with a lovely stamp design Dina. Glad your friends were able to share a joyful day without getting too wet and that flooding has not posed a problem for you (perhaps we should say "thus far" so we don't appear to be tempting fate).

  6. You are blessed with such a terrific talent, all of your work is fabulous. I think I've pinned just about everything you've made...