Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Tour of my Craft Space

I've had a few requests for a look inside my studio - that actually pushed me to make a couple of renovations I'd been planning for a while, and actually clean my space. Having a clean space pushed me to actually DO the video so I could get back to creating. It's comfortably messy again now, thank you!

Enjoy the tour!

I'm pretty sure my space won't end up in a magazine or pinned on anyone's 'dream craftroom' board - but maybe it's one you can relate to. I love that it's mine, and I love having all my stuff within reach. A majority of my storage is made of repurposed containers and other items, and that works for me.

Here are some closer pictures of my charts and organizers, in case it's helpful to see them this way. The pencil charts are all available to download HERE and you can find marker charts HERE.

My husband made the marker dividers using notched plywood. This works really well, since I had that shelf space there.

Die storage... I purchased the vent covers at a hardware store when we were in the States, and the dividers were from a second hand store.

Global Classic leather cases - love these. There are less expensive canvas cases now too.

Paper scraps by color family in heavy-duty page protectors...

One of my junk drawers - collage stamps I don't want to put away, sandpaper, sharpeners, staplers, adhesive...

Pens, pencils, brushes... the brushes are in a candy can that I covered with paper - that needs to be redone one of these days! The tiered acrylic storage was from a stationery store that went out of business.

Inside one of my tackle boxes - thankfully eyelets don't take up too much room! Remind me why I have so many...? I love those Tic-Tac type containers, though. Need more buttons.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask, in the comment section here or on my Youtube page - if there are enough to answer in a separate blog post, I will do that.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing!!! This just might be my favorite stamp room tour! I love that you don't have everything perfectly matched, you use actual shoe boxes, and food boxes as storage, etc! My room is NOT matched and I use all sorts of containers. I have a Michaels dream sheet on my wall for matchy matchy but I don't think it will every be. I love seeing all your supplies and how you organize them!!! The best part is your messy desk because mine ALWAYS looks like that and the neat nicks are quite horrified! :) I am grateful for my space! It's been a small fancy dining room, the kid's sleeping room, a guest bedroom and now my stamp room. TFS!!!

  2. Enjoyed the tour, thank you! It was affirming to me in putting together my crafting space, that I am on the right track. Thank you!!

  3. I think you have just given those of us who don't have those huge dream rooms we all drool over, a wonderful gift today! You've shown us that it's ok to have a small nook somewhere & a messy desk is okay too! What counts is that you have a place where you can be creative & let your imagination soar. A "happy place" you can escape to! I love how you have re-purposed things! Thank you for all the ideas! You are amazing!

  4. My goodness,'ve got a LOT of stuff!! =) Love your repurposed storage. Feels familiar. And your last shot of your desk resembles my desk right now. Haven't cleaned up the space since the mad dash Christmas creations! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVE having a look at your crafting space too! Mine is also quite small with little plastic containers of this and that and a few "egg crates" to hold my paper stash. It's wonderful seeing a "real" craft room that's a bit messy due to you actually crafting. Besides, I'd rather spend what money I have allotted for crafting on actual supplies instead of on a dream room. Thank you so much for the video!

  6. Loved your tour. You managed to use the space very well. I got a kick out of how you sew your page protectors for the clear stamps. Very smart!

  7. Dina, I think your craft room tour is wonderful. Especially because you show people that they can create organized storage by recycling or modifying containers, coxes, etc that we already have in our homes. You are not only a talented artist but a crafty and creative thinker. I loved the racket camera mount.

    I especially loved seeing how messy your normal work table is. It let me know I am not the only one that works in about six inches of space because it takes too much time away from a new project to put away the stuff from my last project. LOL!Thus....the piles start creeping in on whatever clean space is left.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Thank you so much for the tour. Its pleasing to see that it can be done in a small area. And also using everyday items to store all your bits and pieces in.

  9. Dina - wonderful tour - wonderful space!! It's Sunday morning and we watching it snow, snow and snow...roads are horrid, so church has been cancelled...and I am enjoying this quiet time with music and touring your delightful craft space. I always feel smug when I find a container that I can repurpose for storage in my sewing/stamping room. You have inspired me to get back into my room and clean off the Christmas card stamping residue on my desk and start on Valentine cards - I really needed that spark. Thank you for sharing with us and thank you for the push I needed to stamp again.

  10. Love your craft many bloggers show spaces where they have spent so much money buying custom made storage items. You did it MY way...can't afford to spend a lot on my budget. TKS for sharing. You're not just creative with your art, you're smart with your spending.

  11. Thanks for the tour. Should show this to my husband as he thinks mine is messy. You're is pretty well organized and I think mine is too. Can't be perfect and make cards too. Edna

  12. Hi Dina,
    The tour of your space was great. I do love that you have used several repurposed items. I too have these and feel they are some of my best storage. We just moved a few months ago and my space is about half of what it used to be, but it is still my room and my husband was so good to help me get it all set up when we moved so I could have some unwinding time after all the work moving. I am still shifting things around trying to find the position that works the best.
    Your space definitely gets put to good use. You produce some amazing projects and I know we are all grateful that you share them with us. Thanks for the tour!

  13. Great space! The magnetic vent covers are a great idea, never thought of using those to store dies but Will be going out and getting them when I get new dies.