Friday, October 11, 2013

Inchie Plus Pumpkins

So fun trying different mixed media combinations on Inchie Arts' Art Squares - I noticed another blogger combining alcohol markers and pastel pencils so I thought I'd try it out with my Touch Twin Markers and Cretacolor Fine Art Pastel Pencils.

I've been trying to get myself to use up or share supplies that have just been tucked away for years for no reason, so I'm working through several packages of window cards (they were on clearance at Michaels so I bought one of every style and color... 8 years ago before we moved overseas... still have them...). This simple square card was just the right size to frame an Inchie Plus Art Square (1.5"). I used a stamped image from JustRite Stampers, and colored in the base colors with Touch markers, then added shading with the pastels.

I haven't worked much with the pastel pencils, but they blended so smoothly and easily with a dry stump.  I'll be tucking this card into my Hope You Can Cling To box!

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  1. Your coloring is gorgeous, love the pumpkins. I bet it will be loved by the giver and receiver.

  2. This amazes me. Your coloring blows my mind. You are the only one I know that can make an inchie image look like a Rembrandt! I will drop you a line after put your mail into the postal system :)

  3. i love your card i send out 5 a week starting last week i send out 6 cards a week 3 ppl in nurseinghomes and a frined hubby fighting cancer i send them a card and someone on line there mom fighting cancer so i addes her to my card listed and my son lives out staet so i try get them all a differ card every week, i need more color in my cards i not good with mexing color on my stamp so i try some my marker on paints or anything the u use put a pop color on my cards and i try add gilter to make the shine . i am so happy when get on line and learn new ways to make my cards i had give on my cutters ii had 2 i give them my sister mmy hands arnt strong eough to usethem no more .so i learnon them big rubber stamps that all just love to use my hands arent strong to use them so i stand up with my shoes on and i stand on my rubber stamp and the card under my rubber stamp so it gets stamped i hatte not get use my big stamps i been so blessed with ppl shareing there stamps with me and soon i be working on enbossing agan got get aother heat gun it should on way my sister said i belive . then i have even more color s to use i going hobby lobby in few hours i planing on pick up some markers there maybe the i get use there 40 per cent off it might still be good . i dont get much my sweet hubby my care giver i love to make cards it help me pass the hours away and it help other when there haveing a hard time always when make card make one for someone in care home or who are home bound you will brighten there lifes ty