Friday, September 06, 2013

Space Paintings

Last weekend Lydia got my daughter and me watching spray painting tutorials on Youtube... we were home for the day..... and we had spray paints..... and they make it look so easy on the videos..... so we decided to give it a try! We didn't have white poster board, but we found that the surface of cereal boxes has a similar finish, so we set to practicing on Rice Krispie boxes. Here's one of the cards I made, which fits for this week's Mix-Ability challenge to lay down color and then remove a portion.

The white poster board is nice, because there are some techniques for removing color using magazine pages, where the white shows through and makes some nice highlights. Because we were working on a colored surface, the color of the box is what shows through. Interesting, but not as striking. Oh well! We learned so much!

I'm not really into space and science fiction scenes, but so many of the beginner tutorials involve masking planets, so we started there. Our tool kit includes some tin cans and lids, and an old meat thermometer. Random junk with a new purpose!

 I did a few other more found-on-earth-looking scenes that I want to try stamping on, but haven't gotten to it yet. This week ended up being a busy one, with my husband coming back from his out-of-the-country trip Monday, and health class starting Wednesday. For my sanity I've been watercoloring instead. :) Here are a a couple of my other attempts, after some trial and error... on the left card I used a tree stencil from Want2Scrap.

Here's my daughter's first planet - you can see the powdered milk logo peeking through, but she really did a great job varying her surface and adding the halo of light around the planet. We had a lot of fun... and we need more paints!

How about you? Have you tried something new lately?

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  1. This is awesome and so inspirational! THANK YOU for sharing. Great job!!! Any particular tutorial that was really good?

  2. This is fabulous Dina, love all of this scenes. About 12 years ago, my husband and I went to New Orleans and one afternoon, as we were taking a walk near a park, there was this guy making this amazing paintings using exactly what you mentioned, tin cans, old LP's, spray paints, crumpled magazine pages, etc. He painted space scenes, planets and comets and galaxies, It was fantastic to see him in action and we were so impressed, we bought about 10 of his paintings, I remember clearly that afternoon. Thank you for sharing your creations and tell your daughter her card is amazing.

  3. Dina, this is awesome, never thought to try it myself. When we were in San Francisco this summer several street artist were doing these and I loved them, couldn't get my DH to fork over $20. for one and they were about 14x20 and had the Golden Gate Bridge on them. I really loved them. Will have to check out You Tube now. Great first job.