Monday, July 15, 2013

New Touch Marker colors!

ShinHan recently added 36 new marker colors to their line of Touch Twin Markers - I'm excited to finally have them in my studio, and also excited that these were shipped from a art supply distributor in country! After 8 years of having supplies shipped overseas, that is such a blessing to me.

These are the new colors added to the mix, making a grand total of 204 colors available. These colors really fill in where my 'sweet spot' is - I LOVE the lighter and more earthy tones in the browns, yellows, greens, and purples. The new colors are available online now at Blick Art Materials.

I've updated my charts to include the new colors; ShinHan has also created a chart that groups the colors by color family, which is very useful as well. You can find links to the updated color charts as well as the downloadable blank charts HERE. If you're looking for more marker inspiration or answers to your marker questions, you can find our team on Facebook!

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  1. Hi Dina lovely coloring with these markers. I just brought three markers on Ebay to try them out. Its the older version touch three. I brought the same colors you used on the teapot. I wanted to know what paper do you use? Also I tried looking for color combination to know what colors blend well together but I haven't found anything for these markers. I've never used markers before only Prisma pencils. Any feedback you can give me I would really appreciated it. Thanks Noemi