Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clear Dollar Stamps March Release

As the guest designer for the month, I get to help introduce some new artwork available now at Clear Dollar Stamps! This adorable image is from the new Nesters digital set designed by my friend Lisa Lara!! I used Touch Twin Markers to color the base colors of the dolls, and the shelf I created for them to sit on, then added detail with Polychromos pencils.Here's a close-up on the dolls and shelf - it doesn't show well, but I did drag some texture lines into the shelf with a fine stylus.
These are the Touch markers that I used:
I wanted to give a quick tutorial on creating that wood grain look - it was really easy to do with the Touch brush marker. I started by laying down some overlapping lines of color with the chisel end of my marker. These are the colors I used in my sample:

The overlapping lines in your base color will add shade and interest to the look of your wood grain, so don't worry if they don't blend.
The great thing about a brush nib is being able to control the width of your line, depending on the pressure you place on the tip. With very light pressure, you will achieve a very fine line. With more pressure, a heavier line.I created horizontal grain lines on my colored area, varying my pressure as I went across. On the next line, I alternated - where I had made a fine line before, I made a heavier one below, and vice versa.

Hope that gives you some ideas for adding detail to wood when you color! Enjoy the new release!

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  1. Neat tutorial, Dina, and it's so awesome to have you as Guest Designer over at CDS :D Your work is amazing!

  2. Such a cheery little scene. Love the colors you used, and thank you so much for sharing your fun wood grain tutorial. We are so excited to have you as our Guest Designer this month at CDS, and look forward to seeing more of your fun creations! :-)

  3. It is very Russian dolls!!!! Beautiful!!! Nika

  4. So that is how you did it. Great tutorial. I have to try that. I thought it was DP. So cool you did it yourself Dina. Love this card you made. Honored your chose my Nesters. Hugs!

  5. What a pretty card Dina. Love the little dolls and the colors. The woodgrain tutorial is awesome! Thank you!