Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marker Distressed Background Tutorial

This tutorial using Touch Twin Markers was created for Daily Window Bags!

The bag shown above is the bag I won from Daily Window Bags, and there are many more styles and sizes to choose from. The window is a neat way to express and showcase your creativity, whether you stamp, scrap, journal, paint... or whatever your medium may be.

Marker Distressed Background Tutorial:

Supplies needed:

--Alcohol markers (I use Touch Twin Markers) **
--a non-porous surface (I used a glossy tile; a piece of plastic or a craft mat would also work)
--rubbing alcohol in a mister bottle
--glossy cardstock

**If you don't have alcohol markers, you can used water-soluble markers or inks, and spritz with water instead of rubbing alcohol.

1. Choose your marker colors, and apply color onto your work surface. These are the colors I used:...and what my tile looked like when I finished adding color:
2. Spritz your surface with rubbing alcohol until the colors begin to bead and blend.

3. Lay a piece of glossy cardstock glossy-side-down into the alcohol ink. You can move or twist the paper on your surface.This is what my cardstock looked like after the first application of ink. I spritzed more alcohol on my tile and laid the cardstock on the ink 2 or 3 more times, until I was satisfied with the coverage.
This is my final piece.4. Stamp and/or embellish your card.

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  1. Thanks for the technique tutorial. I submitted my entry.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Dina. I popped over from your sunset on Splitcoaststampers. I will definitely be testing this one out.