Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeding the chickies

I took some 'me' time to color this weekend - rediscovered this sweet image in my files from Mo Manning (occasionally she posts 24-hour freebies on her Facebook page, and this was one of those). I am still experimenting and practicing with my Touch Twin Markers... I know some people color from dark to light and others color from light to dark... I tried starting off with dark colors on this piece and working toward the lighter areas, which took a little thinking, but worked for me too.

(Is this a boy or a girl???) I added a little Flower Soft for dimension too: this is Autum Mix with Ultrafine Toffee. The sentiment is from Sweet 'n Sassy.

Interesting weekend..... Thursday night I crashed into an unassembled bed frame DH bought from a neighbor and thought for sure I'd broken my toe..... it slowed me waaaaaay down Friday, which was probably a good thing (except that I had to cook for dinner guests...!). The pain has mostly gone, so I'm guessing it's just sprained. *sigh*

Health class starts a week from Monday... I still have a few revisions to finish up in the book so we can get it to the printers, and then need to nail down our teaching plan for the week.... lead the ladies meeting tomorrow.... cook a birthday dinner Tuesday for kiddo #3... co-teach a class on Friday... another busy week begins!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. This is Beautiful Dina.......So glad to see you didn't add tufts of chest hair on him.........hehe!!!! Have a wonderful day,


  2. This is beautiful Dina. I love this image.

  3. THUD~ I just went back through a few weeks on your blog - A.MAZ.ING work!!