Monday, March 07, 2011

Flamingos.....? flamingoes.....?

This new flamingo image was kind of a surprise to me, coming from Gail Green of Sweet Petatoes... most of her artwork is fluffy cats and dogs! So I gave this one a go - this is Flamingo 1, who also has a friend, Flamingo 2! The image is colored with Neopiko markers and Prismacolor pencils, and I fluffed up the flowers with a bunch of Sweet Pea Flower Soft, mixed with some orange-ish Flower Soft I dyed myself. The striped panel was done with Cover-a-Card Thick & Thin, stamped once in Rouge ink, then stamped again, offset slightly to the left, in Tangerine. The sentiment is from a clear set called Life and Flowers.

We had a bit of a weekend! My youngest son (4) was watching while I cut up pizza toppings on Saturday (our church youth group came over for dinner Saturday night)... I had left the top of the cans attached so I could drain the liquid out, then put the cut mushrooms/olives back into the cans to store until I was ready to top the pizzas. Well, wanting to help, he decided to close the lids down, but pushed his finger in too far and got it caught in the can. By the time he said, "Mom, my finger's stuck!" he was already yanking it out, and I didn't have time to react. He ended up having to have 6 stitches in his finger, and a few more inside, to close up the deep cut. Lots of lessons learned all around... and I am thankful for such a tough kid!
Thanks for stopping by - hope you have an uneventful week!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Great project Dina. I love how the paper really match the flamingo.

  2. How darn cute, Dina!!! Gotta watch you.....keeping up with you is something. Love what you did with this one!