Monday, November 22, 2010

always thankful....

Venturing from my usual style a bit, but I love this color combination... and using up scraps laying around on my desk! I love using book pages and text in and around images... something I'm playing with a bit on new secret CHA stuff, too! I stamped the branch from the Owl Be Thankful clear set (Impression Obsession) onto a Twinchie Square from Inchie Arts. The owl was stamped 3 times - twice on some robin's egg blue cardstock, and once onto a book page. On the first image, I cut out just the wings, so he could fluff them out a bit. On the book page owl I colored and trimmed out just his center area, then layered it over the cardstock. The eyes are adhesive-backed pearls, with an eyeball drawn in..... I couldn't find the googly eyes, but those would have worked too.

Wow - busy week planned! We are doing a potluckish Thanksgiving at our house with our Western co-workers - 15 adults and 18 kids - they are our 'family' away from home, and we're blessed to have people who share our odd combination of home-and-here cultures. I'm going to be cooking one of the turkeys here, plus stuffing, gravy, and a pumpkin casserole. Mmm.... the only bummer about potlucks is not having leftovers to pick at the next day... sigh...

Remember Impression Obsession's big annual sale is coming up Wednesday- start making your list if you are interested in buying! (Actually, their site has a wish list feature, if you want to start pretend shopping beforehand...!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Hello Dina, Again such a beautiful card. Love the owls.
    How about the pumkin casserole... is it possible to put the recipe on your blog?
    Have a warm Thanksgiving,