Monday, August 16, 2010

Ladies meeting

My turn came this past Sunday to host the church's ladies' meeting, and they asked me to teach a practical skill rather than teaching something from the Bible... so I showed them how to make 2 kinds of paper flowers (the roses I made for a wedding in May, some scrunchy flowers made from mini muffin papers), and some simple paper baskets - here are a couple of pictures, and you can see our projects in process! I think there were about 20 ladies altogether, from 2 different churches. Fun stuff... I always enjoy showing them things they can make with simple supplies that are available here.
Tuesday is Independence Day, and all the area ceremonies and games are going to be held at our campus... yesterday they came and erected a flagpole at the edge of our soccer field... anyway, should be a crazy but fun day. Hopefully safe and happy too - never know with so many people in one place, especially in our area! Hee hee... I'll see if I can avoid the karaoke... our family and our Australian coworkers almost had to sit up in front and judge all the parades and presentation of colors, but thankfully that plan was changed. Whew! Surely it would have been an honor, but still... from my perspective it seems a little odd to put the foreigners in that position on your own independence day. Just sayin'.
OK! I'll be back to check in tomorrow!
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