Friday, March 05, 2010

my world

A trip to town always helps me clear my head and usually yields a few interesting things to share... yesterday's trip was just really needed after a humbling and hormonal week - definitely needed a fresh perspective on things!

<---------- This was the first thing that made me laugh on the way into town. It would have been funnier (and yet, not surprising...) to see someone carrying it on the back of a motorcycle... but it looks pretty out of place in a truck bed too. OK, it would look out of place anywhere over here. Funny.

Driving along the ocean we saw this ship, the Clipper Odyssey - I googled it when we got home, and found out that this ship is on its way to Bali. How interesting! Also found out that passenger fares begin at $10,000+ per person... so... I guess I'll just be happy that I saw it, and that I get to live in one of their stop points...

Here's a peek at part of my lunch - I thought this little fried wonton wrapper holder for my fries was clever... In one of the malls there are some new restaurants serving local food, Chinese, and "western" - they are side-by-side, apparently owned by the same person, and share a kitchen, so when you order they bring you all 3 menus. Sort of cool...especially if the kids are along (last time they had sandwiches and I had Kung Pao...!).

My exciting purchase of the day was this craft knife/tool kit - I had seen it before and told myself, "Nice, but don't need..." but since I was at the hardware store with DH, thought I'd look for it again, couldn't find it... then when DH found it he thought it was such a great price (about $13) he couldn't believe I had passed it up before! Check out all the extra blades I can take up woodcarving in my spare time! *snort* I found some gardening tools too, which will be nice, rather than pulling up weeds by hand. My flower beds are a mess...

Spent the day cooking today - sticky buns for breakfast, big batch of from-scratch spaghetti/ pizza sauce, and pizza for dinner tonight. Hope you have a great weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. That's some cruise (& Some prices!)
    Love the tool kit - wonder if there's anything like that here? I'll have to start looking.

  2. Dina, That was an awesome post. I love different cultures and really envy the experience you are having.