Monday, February 01, 2010

spring tree

This is a card I made back before Christmas, but never remembered to post...I kept seeing everyone's cute easel cards and figured I could do that too, but didn't bother to read any instructions or really think about measurements.... so... next time I will put that brad down a little lower...poor card did not want to stand up! That's what I get for not accepting help when it's there for the taking...

Anyway...this is the Four Seasons Tree from Heartfelt Creations - it's a set of two (trunk and leaves - maybe that goes without saying). I inked up the trunk stamp with chalk ink (note: Versamagic chalk inks are waterbased - other chalk inks such as Colorbox are not - check first!), then misted the stamp with water before stamping it to my watercolor paper. The leaves were stamped in the same way... sort of a 'faux-watercolor' technique. I sketched in the swing and fence myself, and used the Grass stamp to add in some detail below the tree.

The sentiment is called Brings Joy - I used the first line on the front of the card, and the full sentiment inside. I don't usually decorate the insides of my cards, but this design calls for it, so I continued the tree theme inside as well. Next time - sentiment - not so high. Ha!

Thoughts of Spring... hmm... we are in rainy season here - I'm thankful for these couple of sunny days so my laundry can actually dry!

Have a blessed day,
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  1. Love it..I love tree images:) You are so artistic...just freehand sketched in the swing and fence! They add so much to the scene. And you decide you'll figure out how to make an easel card on your own. You don't need any directions?! What can't you do, Dini? I'm thinkin' you can do pretty much anything you put your mind to;)

  2. Great little scene Dina!! Thanks for the tips. I agree with Kathy, you are pretty darn creative, and resourceful!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  3. Way cool -- looks like paint on a canvas!