Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I started to post something earlier and I'm not sure what happened...life, I guess. Right now I want to give you a heads-up about the new releases just out from Heartfelt Creations - they have designed several floral sets that coordinate directly with Spellbinders Nestabilities floral sets. I have a couple of the sets that I've been playing with and they are so much fun! Very versatile, for cardfronts or for 3-dimensional projects. I have a few projects that will be featured over on the HC blog tomorrow, so I'll save those for their debut. Here are the sets I have been playing with -

These coordinate with the Blossoms 1 & 2 Nesties (but if you don't have those, no problem - break out the scissors!). There are a bunch more sets, and you can view them all here. Right now I'm making a dimensional flower-topped tin for a co-worker of mine who loves sunflowers...(hi Cheryl!) - it's still drying, but I'll take some pictures to share after I put it all together tomorrow. If you saw Tim Holtz's tutorial for paper roses before Christmas, the first 2 sets above work wonderfully for those.

Still trying to get my head back in the game...I was telling DH earlier that I feel detached - we had an extra long break from our campus schedule and also took 4 weeks off of homeschooling and left computers and other busy stuff behind when we went on our trip...so I'm having a hard time refocusing and jumping back in...especially knowing what a busy semester this is going to be!! I have a class to teach in April, then we go right in to preparation for graduation (this is the class we are closest with, as we came on staff when they entered as brand new students), and I heard yesterday that a couple students are planning a wedding here sometime before graduation as well! Another student couple is expecting their first baby somewhere in there...then 2 staff families are leaving on furlough...just good busy times. Bracing myself...and holding on for the ride!

Our Missions 2 class is getting ready to take off for a 9-week practicum in a tribal location (language/culture learning) so I have been taking care of their orders for OTC meds to be taken by each family...I think we're done with that. Tedious! I hate that the pharmacies here give meds without names or labels (sometimes just a crushed up powder, mixed meds, wrapped up in tiny pieces of paper), so I make sure that each type of medicine is given with date, dose and instructions.

OK - that's it for me - got a little more wordy than I expected! Must be time for bed. See you!

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  1. Love these flourishes hun - the feathery one is just beautiful xx