Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nativity...Christmas Eve Eve :)

Closing in on Christmas day - I have really been taking one moment at a time, determined to not become overwhelmed, but we'll see how that goes! I'm not at all ready for our trip, but have been working on organizing some corners of the house that have been piling up over a few busy months...

Tomorrow is a busy day of cooking (silly me, volunteered to cook a chicken for someone else in the middle of preparing for a dinner party at my house...?!?!). We are hosting a Christmas Eve get-together for our American co-workers, just for the sake of being each other's family and sharing something familiar. Everyone's bringing soups and desserts to share - I made a load of vanilla custard (with just a touch of rum, yum) earlier which will become a layered pudding dessert (without the cream cheese layer, because I am hoarding the cream cheese for my birthday cheesecake, thankyouverymuch!), and will make a few pans of focaccia tomorrow. (Will 4 be enough?) If you want to come, bring your own bowl!

Card details - The Nativity Scene image (Heartfelt Creations) was colored with Neopiko Markers and shaded/highlighted with Prismacolor pencils...except for the sky. The sky was colored with Prismacolor pencils, shaded with the side of the pencil first, then blended with Odorless Mineral spirits. That gives the mottled sky-ish look that I was going for. The year I am so struck with the fact that God became man, a helpless baby, depedent on sinners. Beyond my comprehension...!

I'll try to pop in once more before we leave...!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Love your cards!!!!
    Merry Christmas Dina!!!!

  2. ...the fact that God became man, a helpless baby, depedent on sinners...
    Thanks for that thought, Dina - incomprehensible is right!!!!

  3. What a sweet little nativity scene card! You sound like quite the cook..good luck w/all the preparations:) Merry Christmas to you and your family!