Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bethlehem Night

Thought I'd try to recreate a night scene with this image from Heartfelt Creations - this is called O Little Town. I colored it with my Prismacolor pencils, blending with odorless mineral spirits. The cardstock I used has a bit of a sparkle to it, which shows through the layers of color. I added some highlights to the star with a gold gel pen. The ovals were cut with my Coluzzle, and gold accents are a Cuttlebug die.

Busy days here, but we have been laying low for many of the Christmas services and other family and neighborhood events. I've had a lot of late nights as it is, and I'm exhausted! I think I might have slept all morning if my 5YO hadn't come in twice, and if I wasn't worried about my son's fish, who will probably not make it through the day... Last night we went to a wedding reception for the son of a pastor who's a friend of our campus... we didn't even know the people who got married, but I wanted to go because the reception was in a huuuuge gorgeous reception hall by our old house, and I've always wanted to see the inside. I was not disappointed at all! Absolutely beautiful. Lots of laughs too, as almost all of our co-workers were there with us.

This week the kids still have some schoolwork to finish up, but not full days - so HOPEFULLY they will double up on things instead of prolonging the work, because this teacher has already checked out for the holidays....!! We said goodbye to our Aussie co-workers yesterday who are taking a 5 month furlough, and will be seeing students off throughout the week. We haven't begun to think about Christmas shopping that all my busy-ness is behind me, I've been so appalled at the clutter that's accumulated while I wasn't looking, and I'm willing to spend my Christmas money on containers and shelves to help us organize what we already have instead of adding to the disaster...I guess that is my Melancholy side coming out!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Your Bethlehem scene is beautiful. Sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed right now. I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Thank you for all that you share on this blog! I appreciate you:)

  2. Awesome card!
    Love your blog. Thank you Dina.

  3. The Bethlehem scene is beautiful! I really enjoy your site and following your ministry. I am a home school grandmother, and I laughed when I saw your checked out! Spiritually we are in the same coffee shop!!! I gave my dear granddaughter a challenge. Anything she finished before Dec. 18, is finished. School can be closed anytime ahead if all is finished! She loves the challenge!Lord willing, we will be pretty much through on Tuesday the 15th! :o)

  4. Wonderful job. This is very pretty.

  5. Awesome card! very pretty! ~Olena~