Friday, November 06, 2009

Mitten card

The inspiration for this card is very random...I purchased some quick oats the last time we went to town, and as a free gift with my purchase, I received a ring of oatmeal recipes on oven-mitt shaped papers. These weren't recipes you'd imagine with oatmeal, really...mostly they were local recipes where they tried to substitute oats where they would normally use rice. thanks. Cute paper though! You should be able to click on it to see it larger and resize to make your own pattern...if that is not ok, somebody please let me know! An oven mitt card would be cute too, huh...

I shortened the length of the 'mitt' to use as a mitten pattern and cut a cuff out of felt, pierced around the edge and added some faux stitching with a Souffle pen. I had the snowflake ornament in my stash, and the greeting stamp is from Heartfelt Creations.

Busy weeks ahead...we have about 5 more weeks in our semester here, and as the end draws near, lots of planning and preparation goes on. This year we are celebrating Christmas, honoring our students who are finishing the first step of their training (3-semester Bible course), and celebrating the 20th anniversary of the training center. I'm always involved with music, which includes practices beforehand with the worship leader and also whatever special music groups need accompaniment...this year I was asked to be on the decorating committee as well, so my mind has been spinning with ideas of how to decorate the entryway and classroom, and with design ideas for a theme banner. I usually design anything that needs to be printed as well (program, invitation, certificates...), and I offered to design prayer cards for whatever students are interested... OF COURSE at the same time I have new stamps crying out to be inked up...anyway, just know that anything that ends up stamped over the next few weeks is the fruit of a needed 'sanity' break!

Thanks so much for stopping by!